Why are the lessons three hours long? Longer lessons create a more relaxed learning environment and facilitate a “mental switch” from children’s native language to English.  In addition, longer lessons allow for a variety of real-life as well as structured experiences, including long-lasting activities and field trips out of the home.  Various experiences expose your child to a greater variety of vocabulary and more comprehensive use of language.

What kind of activities will my child experience? Your children will be exposed to a wide range of activities in order to keep them enthusiastic about English as well as to provide varied new vocabulary and language use.  During a three-hour session he will enjoy both structured learning time and activities as well as spontaneous play.  We encourage parents to allow their child to leave the home with their teacher for an even greater range of experiences. Some areas of in-home activity are: Singing and music, arts and crafts, sports and physical games, yoga and stretching, cooking/baking and snack time, reading books, puzzles, games and mind games, imaginative and creative play, building and structural work Some out-of-home activities are: visiting playgrounds, going to a grocery store, walking in nature, going to a zoo/museum etc., interactive cultural experiences around Prague.

How can I follow my child’s progress? Through our comprehensive website you will receive regular reports on what your child has been learning as well as updates on the new vocabulary and phrases as he/she is able to recognize and produce them. We also send a comprehensive report on a child’s progress at the end of each school year.

Does Organic English also provide child care? Parents are not required to be present during the lesson time.   Our teachers are qualified to provide basic child care such as changing clothes, preparing food and transportation, as long as the locations are easily reachable by public transport.

Can my children have lessons together? Organic English can serve the whole family!  We are happy to add one additional child to a lesson as long as the learning environment is not negatively affected.  Our first priority is education, so if the children become distracted or disrespectful due to the presence of another child, the teacher reserves the right to discontinue the shared time.

Who is eligible for lessons with Organic English? The Organic English method of three-hour sessions is focused on children aged 2-18, however we can also accommodate older children and other family members, using our same natural approach.  Older siblings and parents of Organic English’s students may enroll in lessons ranging from 60 to 180 minutes. 

Will my child be taught to read and write in English? This is dependent on the child’s age, English level and level of reading and writing in his first language.  In all cases English books and “storytime” will be a part of lessons, and literacy and literature will be emphasized as important and interesting.

What is the level of commitment? We offer two semesters each school year: Fall and Spring.  Summer lessons are available upon request.  We do not offer lessons during the Christmas holidays.  Your family is not required to commit to more than one semester, although it is advantageous for the student to continue with consistent lessons.  New students are welcome to start during a semester is a teacher is available.

What happens if we have to cancel lessons? In each season, every child is permitted to miss approximately 20% of his/her lessons without consequence.  However, outside of this, all cancelations must be paid.  Cancelations made more than 24 hours in advance may be rescheduled if the teacher or a substitute is able to accommodate, however this cannot be guaranteed.  If planned absences, such as holidays, are known before the beginning of the season, special arrangements can be made.