Organic English simulates the environment in which a child learns his or her first language. Starting in your home, your child will become familiar with English in safe, comfortable and playful surroundings. Real relationships with friendly teachers in three-hour sessions allow children to get the experiences they need to become functionally proficient organically, and with as natural an accent as possible. We provide a variety of hands-on experiences, fun, interactive activities and changing surroundings and challenges that allow your child to learn as precisely and effortlessly as a native child would. Through early immersion, your child won’t gain his skills through strain but rather through the inner desire to communicate with a friend. And there’s more! Our unique combination of child care and language lessons can allow busy parents to stay at work or home while one of our qualified teachers picks young students up from school.  We can even drop your child off at tennis practice or Grandma’s house!  We are happy to prepare a snack and even do regular homework together.  Sharing normal life experiences with a native-speaking teacher will introduce your child to the useful language that he or she needs most!